Ocet Restaurant

25 Rynok sq., Lviv
370 sq.m.
Andrii Asanov, Taras Salo, Liliya Stepa, Oleksandr Druk, Oleksandr Chernysh, Khrystyna Pyliukh.
Andrii Avdieyenko

The restaurant is designed in vertical architecture. There are three levels that are designed in a similar style. Three locations of the second light and stairs make a dynamic atmosphere. The task was rather difficult because the first floor of the building was in a state of failure, and the basement was absolutely unusable. Therefore, the first year was spent to preserve the existing state.

The concept of the restaurant was based on vinegar, the culinary ingredient with its history that spoke about itself in various recipes and vinegar list. When we came up with this idea, we were impressed by the discovery that there are as many types of vinegar as there are types of wine. Since we had plenty of time to realize our ideas, we could implement our own ideas of illumination, furniture and interior design, applying the author’s techniques in working with metal, wood and glass. It is our pleasure to note that we used the chairs of the Ukrainian brand “FAINA” designed by Viktoria Yakusha.

The idea about Otset restaurant was implemented by a team of people who have already successfully demonstrated their skills on other objects with our participation.