Antrekot Restaurant

226A Kulparkivska street, Lviv
650 sq.m.
Andrii Asanov, Taras Salo, Ihor Kostin, Oleksandr Druk, Konstiantyn Sharlykov, Khrystyna Romanyshyn-Pyliukh
Serhii Savchenko

The general area of the Antrekot restaurant with the kitchen is 650 square meters and can accommodate 160 visitors. It was designed as space where two different projects are being realized. The first place positions itself as a grill, whereas the second one is a lounge. This explains the democratic use of textures in one zone and a hint of glitz in another area. Some of the cooking processes are located in the grilling area behind the glass.

“Antrekot” is a name that speaks for itself. Plywood luminaries imitating bulls, horn-shaped vases, and cowhide furniture immerse the visitors in the atmosphere where meat is cooked.

The lounge is equipped with a DJ stand, which is well visible from every corner. The bar offers a wide selection of alcoholic beverages and cocktails.

In general, this zone is for relaxation. In the summer, it plans to function in the tandem with an outdoor terrace. Concrete floor installation, simple ceiling solution, where all network and ventilation communications remain undecorated, and black background are those decisions that made it possible to stylistically combine two fundamentally different zones of one restaurant.