Shopping & office center on 5 Petrushevycha sq., Lviv

Lviv, Lviv oblast, Ukraine.
1100 sq.m.
Andriy Asanov, Taras Salo, Yuriy Nazaruk, Taras Andrushko, Vitaliy Nesterenko, Oleksandr Davydyuk.
Oleh Babenchuk.

The building has completed the perimeter of the area bounded by Shota Rustaveli, Zelena Streets and Petrushevich Square. Until recently, the site was used by kiosks that were out of sync with the surroundings. One of the tasks was to create an object in the context of the future renewal of the public space of Petrushevich Square. The difficulty was the small area and width of the site. The building is decorated with a hinged perforated facade, which performs the function of shading, taking into account the southern orientation. In this way, energy savings were achieved during the hot season.