One-family dwelling house #5

Kyiv, Kyiv oblast, Ukraine.
700 sq.m.
Andriy Asanov, Taras Andrushko, Yuriy Nazaruk, Vitaly Nesterenko, Oleksandr Chernysh, Roman Mozi, Yuriy Kopytko.

Single-family residential house with total area (700 sq.m.). The planning solution is designed in such a way that all roms except the auxiliary and guest room are focused on the pond. The water mirror of the street pool, visually combined with the lake, coincides with the level of zero of the house. An additional option is a holiday home, which is a stylistic continuation of the residential.

In the external decoration of buildings used Courtenay metal, TMW and structured stone slabs.

The task for the landscape project was to integrate architecture into the existing natural environment.

The remote control of the heating system was used in the house, which made it possible to control the temperature of the premises during the absence of residents. A low-temperature heating system was also used to improve energy efficiency.

The uniqueness of the project in its impregnability in volumes. Not architecture dominates, but landscape.